Monica, the Lexique Pro!

For the past two weeks I have been working on one thing—dictionaries. I have been assigned the task of taking all of the hard work that other people have done and making it into something that can be easily reproduced and distributed throughout the country. We hope to make this resource available for first-language education and literacy programs. First I standardized the list of words and the way they are numbered, ran all sorts programs on them, imported them into Lexique Pro, a computer program that has decided it is my arch nemesis, and finallyed export them as PDFs and HTML. I did this for 16 languages! We also created one master lexicon that lists Portuguese as the head word and glosses for all 16 languages in the same entry. I’m really glad I got to work on this project, as it will be a useful tool for education and I may be able to take a class on lexicons and dictionaries next semester in Brazil!

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