Our team got to go to the beach for debrief! Some people have decided that “debrief” is a little too scandalous so instead we are calling it “disorientation.” Neither sounds very pleasant to me!But what does sound pleasant is hammocks, beautiful sunsets, the Indian Ocean, and two days of rest with my wonderful team.

We got to visit a nearby village, which was really cool. In the middle of the village is a well that was built by Vasco de Gama!

Last night we made a fire on the beach and had “hobo stew” for dinner. We each put a bunch of vegetables and meat and seasonings to our liking in aluminum foil, wrapped it up nice and securely, and tossed it on the fire. After about 20 minutes we pulled it out and ate it up. So tasty!

Lisa and Jess (two girls on my team) and I pulled our mattresses out onto the upstairs veranda of our bungalow and went to sleep under the stars! It was perfect and then this morning we were awaken by the sunrise coming up between the palm trees.

On our way back to Nampula we stopped at this church built in 1579. It’s either the oldest active church in the southern hemisphere or on the mainland—take your pick.

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