hello? goodbye? ah!

Well, here I am, back in the states. It took three days and some unexpected adventures to get here, but I made it! We ended up spending an extra day in Johannesburg, South Africa (during the world cup finals!) because our first plane was quite delayed and the president of Mozambique just happened to be leaving at the same time we were intending to! It was actually nice that our trip was extended because I think my whole team needed a little bit longer to realize that our trip was ending and that we wouldn’t see each other anymore.

Reverse culture shock started before I even left the country, though. As soon as I got on the plane to go from Maputo (the capital of Mozambique) to South Africa I was surrounded by white people! No one was staring at me. So. Weird.

It’s weird to understand everything going on around me and to have toilets flush automatically and for one meal to cost $15 and to have five different options of water and to be able to order lunch on a computer without any human interaction. (All things I faced just in the JFK airport.)

I’m glad to be back and to see my family and friends again. But I do miss Mozambique and especially all of the wonderful people I spent the last six weeks with.

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