a brazilian graduation

This weekend I went to a graduation! Here each graduation is only with your class–about 40 people who have all taken the majority of their classes together. There are some other big differences too. Instead of entering to Pomp & Circumstance, an oldie but a goodie, the class chooses the song. In this case, the Indiana Jones theme song! You know I loved it. Also, each person chooses a song that plays as their name is announced. Then they go up to the podium, sign their diploma, and snap some fotos. Each person also has about 30 seconds to thank their family and such. It’s pretty cool! And since everyone knows each other pretty well it’s also common to have one classmate will introduce the next. To close the ceremony the whole audience sings the Rio Grande do Sul anthem.

The party afterwards had some tasty food…

The graduate and his family.

The gals.

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