Folks, it’s true! The Cow Parade has come to Porto Alegre. Cow Parade is a public art exhibit of cow statues painted by local artists. There are over 80 cows scattered throughout the city! Kind of random, but it makes for a fun afternoon excursion for picture taking and seeing a bright blue cow standing on the corner of Silva So and Ipiranga on the bus to school always puts a smile on my face!

Here’s some of the cows I’ve paid a visit to:

This is one of my favorites! It’s all about Gaucha culture.


I think the cow beats me in fierceness.

the “domini-cow” (Dominical = Sunday newspaper)

The sponsor of all of the cows here in Porto Alegre is Mu Mu, a company that makes dairy products.
This cow is their symbol. “mumu” is also a nickname for doce de leite!

the where’s waldo cow

Here’s a link to the gallery of all of the cows in Porto Alegre:

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