slow down!

I have now spent more time this year in the southern hemisphere than I have in the north! Unfortunately with every passing month spent here in Brazil, the time I have left dimishes. It’s going so fast! In less than two months I’ll be celebrating Christmas back in the states.

So, in honor of my three months here in Brazil, I have comprised a list of things I miss about America:

  • zip lock bags and paper towels
  • peanut butter (although I brought my own with me!)
  • being able to use pandora
  • living five minutes from class
  • coconut lime verbena lotion
  • chai chillers from the csc
  • GAMEDAY. especially we are the boys!
  • eating a slice of pizza with my hands
  • NavNight and all of the wonderful people that go along with it
  • the fam, and especially my little niece Ellie!

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