baa, que tri!

Want to convince everyone you’re an authentic gaucho? Gotta learn the lingo! Here’s a list of some of the essential phrases you’ll need to get by here in the south:

  • baa – wow! expression used for really good things or really bad things
  • que tri! – how cool!
  • barbada – piece of cake! something really easy
  • bacana – cool
  • guri – boy/guy
  • pia – young lad
  • (bem) capaz – no way, yah right
  • tche – hard to define. sometimes it means you. just add it to the end of sentences and you’re good to go.
  • assar uma carne – barbeque!
  • Fulano – any unspecified person, so-and-so, Joe Shmoe
  • Sicrano and Beltrano – Fulano’s friends, unspecified person of secondary and terciery importance
  • gremista – Gremio fan
  • colorado – Inter fan
  • rango – food
  • pila – nickname for the currency (I think it comes from an old currency they used to use.)
  • cafundos – not even the middle of nowhere, but the edges of nowhere
  • inho – just had “-inho” to the end of everything and you’ll sound more Brazilian

Okay, these have nothing to do with the south, but they’re fun nonetheless!

  • pochete – fanny pack!
  • brega – cheesy
  • pantufas – slippers
  • exibido – show off
  • desastrado – clumsy
  • trilhasonora – themesong, soundtrack
  • manha – knack
  • pedalinho – paddleboat
  • defenestrar – to throw something/someone out the window

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