Why is that different from my Bible?

In May I volunteered at my church’s Vacation Bible School, a weeklong program for elementary school kids with games, crafts, and Bible story time. Each day the kids learned a Bible verse that went along with the theme. One night while I was waiting for my group to finish dinner and assemble for the evening’s festivities a little girl came to sit with me. She turned and asked, “Why is the verse we memorized different from my Bible?” I explained that the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek and someone had to translate it into English so we could understand. I told her how lucky we are, not only to have the Bible in our language, but to have several different versions! She nodded in understanding and I asked her, “Did you know that there are still people that don’t have the Bible in their language?” Her eyes got really big and she asked where those people live.

It’s times like this when I realize how cool my job is and how thankful I am for this time even before I leave for Mozambique–to see the Bible seeping into this little girl’s heart, to be grateful for my own Bible, to share about the need for Bible translation, and to pray for those still waiting.

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