the latest news on Mozambique

The most exciting part of Bible translation is hearing stories about finished projects and of the lives changed by people hearing and reading the Bible in their language. Well, I am thrilled to report that one more people group now has the New Testament! At the end of last year some of the Mozambique staff joined with 900 others for a celebration to dedicate the Naro New Testament in Botswana! This translation began in 1991 and now is available in print and also in audio format for those who cannot read. This is a HUGE reason to celebrate!


And the Naro people are only one of many people groups to receive Scripture in their language this past year. For the first time ever, the number of languages needing a translation has dropped below 2,000! The official translation need is now 1,967—also worth celebrating! For the first time there are more translation programs in progress than there are translation needs. With a world population of over 7 billion, the number of people without access to God’s Word is now approximately 209 million. More people have more access to Scripture than in any previous generation.

While reflecting on the number of Bible translations that have started is exciting, it also means that there is more work to be finished than ever before.

I am so eager to begin my work in Mozambique and my May 15 departure date is fast approaching! In order to buy my plane ticket and apply for a visa, I must have 100% of my funding committed. My supervisors want me to be fully funded by March 31 so I can begin these necessary preparations. This means in the next two months I am trusting God and working diligently to raise the remaining $500 of monthly financial needs. If you have been considering joining my financial partnership team, now is the time!

What we do matters—my part in going and your part in sending, giving, praying. God has chosen us together to contribute to the greatest acceleration of the pace of Bible translation ever witnessed by the Church! It’s a great calling!

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