the final months

Well, there are now only three months left until I leave for Mozambique! As you know, my departure is later than I originally expected, but it’s been amazing to see God work out everything in His timing and prepare me for the two years I will spend in Mozambique. And now the day for this adventure to begin is quickly approaching!

This past month I had the pleasure of visiting several friends as well as my brother and his family in Texas. It was wonderful to spend time with them and meet my new nephew before I leave. I can’t believe the next time I see him he will be two years old!

As I prepare to leave, I am reminded of what one of my Mozambican colleagues said about reading the Bible in Portuguese, the national language.

If I cannot understand Portuguese very well, even though I read and speak it, how much more for those who are not educated? They use the Portuguese Bible and Portuguese songs, but how much do they understand? That’s what motivated me to get started in translation.

To think of the millions of people living in Mozambique who may know about Jesus, but do not understand–this is my motivation as well.

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