this way to Quelimane

The past month has been a whirlwind of developments on my assignment in Mozambique. As I will be arriving in just two months, all of the final preparations are falling into place. E-mails have been whizzing back and forth between me, my boss here in the states, my teammate Lisa in Brazil and my supervisors in Mozambique–imagine the coordination across four different time zones!

Lisa and I will spend the first three months going through orientation and assisting with several conferences and workshops for translators and pastors in the city of Nampula, where Wycliffe’s main headquarters is located. After that we will move to the city of Quelimane to delve into language and culture learning! We will be located near a team of national translators working on the Chuwabo Bible. There is also a strong missionary presence in this area. Of course, as life on the field is always subject to unknowns, this plan is likely to change in some aspect or another. Pray with me now that God will go before me and prepare my housing, work and friendships.

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