I’m in the Ethnologue!

The Ethnologue is a comprehensive database of the world’s languages. If you want to know where a language is spoken, how many speakers there are, what the status of the language is, the literacy rate, dialects, etc…. you can find it in the Ethnologue. It’s published every year by SIL International, a strategic partner of Wycliffe.

While I was in Mozambique in the summer of 2010 I had the amazing experience of working with a team to develop an alphabet for Malawi Lomwe. We analyzed the sounds of the language to give the translators a better understanding of the writing system. Today I looked up Lomwe on the Ethnologue and under the language development section it says, “approved orthography.” Those two little words–that’s me! I contributed to make that happen.

And an even better reason to celebrate–the Lomwe New Testament is scheduled to be published early this year! Here’s how you can pray for the Lomwe people.

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