orientation trip


Well, it has been a full week on long and dusty roads. Six of us traveled to Quelimane, the city where I will most likely move in a few months time. I was able to meet two of the pastors from the area. We perused the grocery stores to see what’s available (and bought oats! which are in scarce supply here in Nampula), walked down the river bank and found a nice little coffee shop! An apartment owned by other missionaries will be available to rent in July. It is very secure and in great condition. Pray that the Lord would give Lisa and I wisdom in deciding where to move.

After two days in Quelimane we made our way to Sofala, the state south of the Zambezi (the river that divides the country into north and south). There we visited the grave of Mary Livingstone, wife of Dr. David Livingstone. We stayed at a lovely retreat center where it was actually QUIET (Nampula is very noisy). There were several trails to explore and I even saw baboons!


Aviary Photo_130189490031475602

Aviary Photo_130187167241964262

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