thanksgiving surprises

This Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful.

Today the Mwani people are receiving the New Testament in their language for the first time. What a day to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the Word of God! The Scriptures have been translated, the pages have been typeset and printed, the boxes have been shipped and transported. Thank God for the hands, years and prayers that went into this project and thank him for the lives that will be changed because of it.

kimwani scriptures

Loading boxes of New Testaments for transport

In order to not disrupt the work of the Mwani believers in this predominantly Muslim community, only a limited number of foreigners attended the celebration.

Back in Nampula, I commemorated the holiday in a surprisingly American way! The day started with homemade cinnamon rolls…

Progressed with a delightful gathering and delicious food…

IMG_4377 - Copy

Please note how the Brits (the couple on the left) are not taking this holiday seriously!

And ended with gator football!

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