two months on the move

Wow! It seems every few months I sit down to write an update I am amazed at how much has happened! Last time I wrote I was in the process of moving to Quelimane, and I have been on the go ever since! As soon as I got settled in my apartment I headed out to a village called Namacata. For three weeks I lived with a pastor and his family. I ate with the family, cooked with the family, washed clothes, played games, went to church, relaxed, and participated in daily life for the Chuwabo people. It was a huge step forward in establishing relationships and experiencing their world. What a privilege!


My host mom and three of the kids.

Aviary Photo_130271604778881765

I learned some fun new games!

After my village stay I caught a plane to Tanzania for a language learning course. I benefited greatly from the material presented and from the encouragement of other missionaries at the course. It is amazing to hear what God is doing all around the world and to see how God uses ordinary, humble people like you and me to accomplish His work!


The conference center was beautiful.

Aviary Photo_130295133174697501

I unexpectedly got to go on safari, what a treat!

Now I am headed home. Since moving two months ago I have only spent about two weeks in my apartment! After all this excitement I will be glad to stay put for a while and dig into full time language learning.

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