ordination service

This Sunday was the ordination service for one of the Chuwabo translators whose family has taken me under their wing here in Quelimane. It was a special day for them and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate their ministry.

Aviary Photo_130442059961877254

Two youth from the church were my compadres during the service (who may have secured my affection by sneaking me snacks).


There was, of course, much singing and dancing. Pastors and congregations from many churches in the region come to participate, each with their own presentation.


At the end a group from my church went up to “claim their pastor.” It was an exciting end to the service and way to kick off the rest of the festivities.

Aviary Photo_130442062410376625

After the service we all shared in a huge meal! The ladies came the night before to start preparing, slept at the church, and spent the morning cooking food for everyone. Have you ever seen such a pot?


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