a visit to the land of the hippos

tete boatBoat ride on the Zambezi River

Last month I visited another translation project in Tete. It is an interesting place, the center of mining activity and foreign investment. Visiting Tete is like entering the dream version of Mozambique–you know you are in Mozambique, and yet there are inexplicable elements dropped in from other places. I went to a hardware store comparable to Lowe’s, complete with patio furniture by the check out counters! I feasted on sliced brown bread. Amazing.

Besides assisting the Nyungwe Bible translation, my colleagues in Tete are also working on some really cool literacy projects. Together with the Red Zebra Project they have printed a variety of booklets in the Nyungwe language and are distributing these in schools, churches and even in the streets. Our host was excited that one morning a street kid came up to her car and instead of asking for money or bread, wanted a book!

red zebraPicture courtesy of Jeni Bister.

In America, even before a child can talk they are surrounded by books full of pictures and fuzzy animals and popup wonders. The literacy rate is rising here, but a big part of reading is having things to read. The fact is that there just isn’t much available, and virtually none of it is in the local languages. That is why Lisa and I are following the lead of our friends in Tete and adapting some of these booklets for Chuwabo! We are working on six titles including an animal picture book, the parable of the sower and a local folk tale. Join me in praying that these first books in Chuwabo will be one small step towards people reading the Bible in Chuwabo.

One thought on “a visit to the land of the hippos

  1. Thanks, Monica, for sending this one to me. It’s great you’re getting ideas for using in the Chuwabo project. When I was in Brazil, as we culled our school library, giving books to our translator friends who translated the books into the local language. Whether you have such books available, I don’t know. I just prayed for you and your work—I hear you’re interested in career membership.

    The Zambezi River brings images to mind of hippos and boat rides and crocks along with other other large animals coming down to the river to drink water at night—beautiful photo.

    Blessings on you and Lisa as you learn more of and about the C language daily.


    Jean Bell

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