Scripture Celebrations 2012-2014

Scripture dedications are times of excitement, thanksgiving and joy. This short clip shows three recent celebrations in Mozambique and Botswana.

One thought on “Scripture Celebrations 2012-2014

  1. cool! were you at these dedications? it must be very exciting for all involved!

    now that the new testament is done, are you starting work on the old? I know that you are doing language lessons but are you starting to be able to put them into translation of the Bible practice?

    let me know if you want to Skype sometime. i’m working nights until January so on my days off, for most of them i’ll be up from 5pm-5am which might be easier hours for you!

    are you going to make a pumpkin pie from scratch for the village for Thanksgiving? I always think of you when I buy the frozen pre made one.

    Love, Cam

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