Can you guess the parable?

Remember those little booklets we printed in Chuwabo? Well, they’re a hit!  Can you guess which parable is represented here?

These pamphlets are one of the few things available in the Chuwabo language, and are already being used by God in mighty ways.

A group of literate women in Quelimane (my city in Mozambique) are meeting on Saturday afternoons to encourage others in their neighborhood to learn to read. A few weeks ago a 14 year old girl from a Muslim family came with her friends and was offered two of the books to take with her.

When she came home, her mom (Fatima) was very angry, yelling and hitting her. But later that week when Fatima saw the books lying around the house and realized they were written in Chuwabo, her interest was peaked. After reading the parable of the sower, she wanted to know what the story meant. A few days later she arrived at the church leader’s house, full of questions. Two days later the church leader and local pastor went to visit Fatima in her home. They discussed the parable and all her questions about God for two hours and Fatima accepted Christ as her Savior!

I am in awe of how God uses something as simple as a folded half sheet of paper to move so mightily in the heart of this beloved woman. That is the power of God’s truth in the heart language! Let us pray for others reading these booklets and for the translation team as they draft the gospels. The Chuwabo people are so hungry for God’s word in their language.
*Shoutout to my friends at Little Zebra Books for making this booklet in Chuwabo possible!

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